Diamond has embraced new technologies solving network issues in a wholistic approach that is efficient and effective in form and function. Diamond Optics offer integrated solutions that cut across boundaries which integrate technologies to bring the customer the applications and products that will drive their business effectively well into the future.

Software applications, electronic hardware and special optics including sensors are just some of the technologies that are integrated to bring customers efficient solutions. Diamond Optics develop hardware and software including analytics to manage customer networks. Digitizing network infrastructure including big data analaysis and records with the addition of inventory and asset management solutions.

Thanks to our excellent products in this field Diamond has reached the reputation of an always innovative, leading manufacturer of high-quality products. With our solutions we set standards regarding the simplicity and comfort of quality, installation, safety and maintenance. Diamond realises projects for customers from various sectors: carriers, medicine, aviation, industry and other special domains.

Hybrid Plug & Play solution

These products allow the implementation of power and Fibre services from base station to the Antenna in a Mobiles network. The Diamond System is fully modular and plug and play, unlike other systems it has the ability to upgrade to higher capacity boxes as the bandwidth requirements increase or the power requirements to the antenna increase. Plug and Play suggests that there are no components in this system that require opening or access with special tools in order to access the inputs or outputs of connections fibre or Power.

The patented Diamond Optics system consists of the following groups of products:

  • Base station access products, including LGX modular plug and play system, excess storage system and Optics interconnection system.
  • Main cable system, 3, 4, and 6 power pair With up to 36 SM fibres Hybrid P&P
  • Hybrid boxes 3 , 4 and 6 outlet system
  • Hybrid Jumpers to suit , Ericsson, Nokia, and other Radio Units.

All products are IP 67 compliant for harsh environments including bird proofed components for external plant. These products dramatically decrease installation times and time to market for new technologies in addition to increasing reliability compared with the current antiquated systems in operation.
These products are Telstra approved and currently supplied for the 5G Telstra Build.


DWDM Metro solutions

Metro DWDM solutions provide an efficient cost-effective solution to the lack of fibre infrastructure in carrier’s networks. By the use of optical filter devices this technology allows the very efficient use of bandwidth in a SM fibre in order to deliver very high capacity services from point to point in metro applications for up to 80 KM.

The benefits include:

  • Up to 64 Channels at 100Mhz ITU spacing, options for 200Mhz, 100Mhz and 50Mhz channel spacing equipment is also available
  • Single or dual fibre working fibre capability
  • Very good Insertion loss characteristics
  • External Temperature variations of -15 to +55 C
  • Add drop mux capability
  • Bidirectional transmission in a loop configuration.
  • Integrated Monitoring without interruption on all locations
  • Coloured SFP’s available for all wavelengths
  • External boxes are IP 67 rated with plug and play connectivity.
  • Massive cost benefits compared to the installation of new fibre
  • All components come in either an LGX style plug in module or dedicated 1 RU panel.

RFID Patch Cable – Intelligent RFID Cable Management

Introducing Intelligence into Passive Optics

The Diamond Optics patented RFID Cable Management solution offers a cost-effective method of digitizing labeling of optical patching which provides the network operators real-time mapping and intelligent management for their entire fibre optic network. Obviating the need for cumbersome paper-based records, and the associated risks for data integrity, the Diamond Optics system is simple to install and requires minimum maintenance. The system has been demonstrated to reduce physical network construction times by as much as 50%.

Each RFID enabled fibre optic patch can store information about that connector type, cable length and the unique identifier of the opposing connector of the patch cable. Additional, information can be ‘written and read’ to each RFID label, eg. port/panel/rack/exchange location of the connector which enables the complete physical layer network to be mapped locally or remotely, and its configuration to be monitored in real time with the added capability of being able to locate a specific connector within a mess of cables using our unique UHF RFID technology. This allows administrators and engineers to diagnose potential faults, manage critical changes and promote proper change authorization. The cable infrastructure is completely mapped via our software application on the UHF RFID portable devices which are linked back to telecommunications carrier operations centre via our cloud-based portal.

The UHF RFID enabled connectors and cable assemblies also benefit from accurate paperless asset management capabilities helping maximize network integrity and cost containment.



The high-density system is complete plug and play solution offering end to end connectivity in industry leading density and functionality.

Diamond offers the range of EHD compatible panels and cassettes in 144 fibre and 96 fibre per 1RU configurations. Combined with the full range of FOS MTP® cable options including flat and angle polish, OM1, OM3, OM4 & SM, single or double jacket, high fibre trunking and fanout assemblies, the EHD cabling system offers an excellent solution for a wide range of networking requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Industry leading 144 fibre or 96 fibre 1RU enclosure options.
  • All EHD enclosures, cassettes and cabling are compatible and require no management of specific cassette styles to match enclosure.
  • MTP® Elite cassettes offer port labeling and mode identification in a compact 12 fibre package
  • Excellent scalability, fill capacity 12 fibres at a time as required.
  • All EHD cassettes, fan- outs and trunks utilise US Conec brand MTP® Elite connectors and adapters.
  • Individual sliding trays for each row of cassettes offers excellent finger access and minimizes disturbance of neighbouring circuits.
  • Fibre management of incoming trunks and outgoing patchleads
    In-built hinged patch lead protective cover and labelling template.


Battery Health and Theft Protection

Using the latest in NB-IoT communications, Diamond Optics’ Battery Monitoring System (BMS) provides accurate logging of battery health by measuring voltage, impedance, discharge and charge currents, and temperature. The device has the added benefit of location tracking and can be applied for theft detection using onboard GPS with geofencing.

The NB-IoT BMS is attached onto batteries and passes data to a backend cloud portal that provides reports on the status of the battery’s health, alerting the user if any of the battery’s parameters fall outside of the set limits. The portal also provides anti-theft protection by issuing alerts if a battery moves outside a configurable geofence.

The information provided through this system can be usefully applied to mitigate any unforeseen failures in the bank of batteries and thus maintain the system at its optimum performance at all times.

Battery Health

Monitoring of Power consumption
The same technology NB-IoT can be used to monitor the currents through a cable at a customer premises. Data logged through The NB-IoT network is logged onto a back end data base and reports sent to the customer about the various services being used. AC and DC Currents can be measures with these devices and provide accurate information about the power consumption of the service.

Other applications of NB-IoT devices are available please call Diamond Optics or enquire about your particular application.


Universal Optical Amplifier

The UOA (Universal Optical Amplification system) launched by Diamond Optics Pty Ltd allows for a number of diverse network applications in network applications. The UOA system can be standalone amplification or as part of an augmented legacy system. It is capable of low power optical signal of 100G high-speed services in optical networks. It adopts the plug-in card type and hot-plug design with the characteristics of high integration, low power consumption and stable output power. The system is widely used in data link power amplification and extending transmission distance in various industries.

Function Feature For 1310 nm and 1550 nm Amplification

  • Wavelength range: 1280nm~1330nm and 1510 – 1590nm
  • Working modes: automatic power control (APC)and automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Input power range:-17dBm~-4dBm
  • High output power:
  • Unified network management platform:
  • Support multi-kinds of graphical interface network management, such as SNMP, Web
  • Double power protection: support AC power 240V, DC power -48V, and 1+1 power input protection
  • Flexible architecture: 1U plug-in card design, flexible capacity configuration.
  • Ultra low power consumption.
  • Green and easy-to-use: configuration-free

Products Available

  • 1 RU chassis
  • NMS card
  • SOA cards single, dual , quad.
  • EDFA, single pre and booster.
  • AC power card
  • DC power card
  • Fan Card
  • VOA (Variable Optical Attenuators)
  • Raman Card
  • DWDM card 4 channel
  • DWDM card 8 Channel
  • Dispersion compensation card up to 220 Km, very low loss.

Application Scenarios

The transmission distance of traditional 100GBese-LR4 optical link is limited to 10km. In the transmission of long distance or high loss optical fibers, SOA optical amplifier can be configured to amplify the weak optical power signal on the receiving side to meet the receiving requirements of the equipment.

SOA final

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