Hybrid Cable

Diamond Optics – Hybrid Cable Drum Assembly

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Product Details

The Hybrid Cable assembly is used on mobile tower or rooftop deployments to reticulate power and communication services through singlemode fibre optic cable to the junction box. It provides fibre connectivity through the CIPRI optical physical connection and -48V power integrated through the incoming and outgoing connectors. Up to 110m can be achieved with a nominal voltage drop of 4V for this cable design.

The connectivity interface to the junction box consists of two 12F MTPe connectors and two Molex connectors consisting of two pairs of power connections per Molex connector. The remote end of the cable (base station) is terminated with two 12F MTPe connectors whilst the power cables are left unterminated. These are terminated on the power box within the base station once the correct lengths have been determined.

This cable ensures correct inlet through the edge gland to the Telstra nominated distribution box. Cable drums are available in various lengths to cater for the various tower or roof top applications. Lengths between 20m to 100m in increments of 10m are available as standard lengths whilst variable lengths can also be ordered to customised drums. Application notes are provided with this product.


Easy Installation Connectivity

  • 24 optical fibres in high performance 2×12 MTPe


  • Hi-power electrical contacts up to 40 Amps @ -48V
  • Designed to meet Australian conditions
  • 10.5mm2 annealed power conductors
  • Includes two earthing kits, machined aluminum

edge gland and pulling sock

Light & Durable Material

  • Bird-proofed OD 28mm.PE with Al corrugated inner
  • IP68 rated
  • All options available in length and capacity.

Customized product

  • Options are available upon customer`s requirement


Used in Indoor and Outdoor distribution;
• Used in pigtails and patch cords;
• Used in optical connections in optical communication equipment rooms and optical
distribution frames;
• Used in optical connections in optical apparatus and equipment.