Market & Applications

About Diamond Optics

Diamond Optics is a wholly owned Australian company that prides its reputation on offering its customers the best performing optical connectivity solutions available on the market.

Through its close affiliation with Diamond in Switzerland, Diamond Optics has invested in the world leading Active Core Alignment manufacturing technology, allowing it to only manufacture in Australia to guarantee the best performing optical connectors available in the market.


Carrier grade services have evolved allowing for very reliable very high-performance connectivity solutions. IEC defined performance characteristics offer a window into the various levels of optical connectivity. In this regard DIAMOND OPTICS is the only manufacturer in Australia who can guarantee IEC Grade A performance with the <0.1dB limit. With these very high-performance connectivity solutions Diamond Optics is able to build very high reliable solutions for customers offering integrated High Density Optical Distribution Frames with unlimited performance for carriers.These low-loss systems mean that budget for transmission systems in not wasted. This increases reliability of end-to-end systems.

FTAA (Fiber To The Antenna)

With the evolution of mobile services, telecommunication carriers have evolved their networks.Now having to support high bandwidth video on demand and not just simple telephone calls. The evolution of the hand set has relied on an ever-increasing capacity and functionality from the back-end network elements. Diamond Optics holds various patents providing efficient CIPRI interface products to benefit carriers. Features such as “Plug-&-Play” with self-aligning, very high-density power and optical interfaces in the same connector to be effectively implemented in a carrier’s network. This will save carriers enormous effort in the application of these services.  Iin addition to the benefits of upgradability and simplistic operational aspects.

Features include:

  • High density high optical performance connectivity on a single optical connector
  • Bird proofed solution from end-to-end
  • Minimalist common tools required for installation
  • Power contacts capable of up to 40 Amps
  • Systems capable of 150m runs
  • Complete solution from base station to antenna
  • Simple self aligning bracket systems removing the need to align in difficult circumstances.


For many years DIAMOND OPTICS has been delivering highly reliable products to the Military and Harsh Environment markets. Diamond Optics offers a comprehensive range of rugged and high performance fibre optic solutions. These solutions provide maximum flexibility, modularity and durability. Perfectly suited to for demanding conditions found in these environments.

Through our close affiliation with Diamond in Switzerland, Diamond Optics has invested in world leading Active Core Alignment manufacturing technology, allowing us to manufacture the best performing optical connectors available for this market segment. With the technical know-how gained and with years of experience it enables us to deliver the products that exceed our customer demands. We continue to support our valuable customers with custom design product solutions. At our local termination facility in Melbourne, we are fully equipped to perform all type of ruggedized connector assemblies, tactical patch cords & optical cable harnesses meeting all industrial standards.

Our harsh environment connector assemblies include:

  • MIL-38999
  • MIL-83526
  • Glen Air & Amphenol Mil connector assemblies
  • Expanded beam connectors
  • High Temperature assemblies
  • HE-2000™
  • ODVA connector assemblies

Typical applications are energy plants, coal mines, offshore oil platforms, refineries etc., as well as field-deployable communications, mobile diagnostic units, avionics, submarine and space travel, security systems, machine controls, road & rail, industrial machine networks.

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