Optical Light Source – DO 3116

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Product Details

DO3116 Handheld Adjustable Light Source is a newly designed fiber optic tester, it is aimed at fiber network installation, fiber network engineering acceptance and fiber network maintenance. Combined usage with DO3208 handheld optical power meter, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution on both SM and MM fibers. The DO3116 provides 1 to 4 wavelengths and output power can be adjustable on customer requests.


  • User self-calibration function
  • Wavelength ID information can be transmitted when used with DO3208 Optical Power Meter.
  • Tone generation, 270HZ,330HZ,1KHZ,2KHZ
  • Output power can be adjustable
  • Output power value is shown on LCD display
  • Intelligent backlight control (light intensity can be adjusted properly according to ambient light, which greatly reduces power consumption)
  • AA alkaline and AC adapter for power supply
  • Low battery indication


  • Maintenance in Telecom
  • Fiber Optic Lab Testing
  • Other Fiber Optic Measurements