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Simplex or Duplex G652D Telstra “Grade A” Tuned Optical Connectors with RFID capability

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Product Details

  • This patch cord complies with Telstra specification 1557 Part 2
    Issue 6 specification, Grade A performance criteria.
  • Available in any length variation 5mm increments.
  • Environmental stability to Specification 1557 Part 2 Issue 6.
  • Patented RFID capability for efficient label free application.
  • Manufactured in Australia.
  • Simplex, duplex or multi-fibre breakout.
  • Short flexible boots Blue
  • Available in Duplex


  • This patch cord complies with Telstra specification 1557 Part 2 Issue 6 specification, Grade A performance criteria.
  • Low loss <0.15dB max random mated for 98% of the population, average of 0.07dB RL >65dB
  • Accurate attenuation and RL values between 1260nm to 1360nm and 1480 to 1580nm wavelengths
  • Optical performance 100% factory tested
  • Climatic range: – 40°C to + 80°C, and 5% to 95% humidity, non-condensing
  • Compact design fits in existing connections or patch panels
  • Convenience and ease of handling
  • Protective caps provided (Captive caps available)
  • Rating > + 27 dBm


Used to patch optical systems with power levels not exceeding +27dBm. This cord consists of all FRHF materials and complies to all ROHS directives for all components in this cord.
Each individual connector is tuned in accordance with IEC requirements to achieve a level of performance required by Telstra specification 1557 Part 2 Issue 6. The cord consists of G652D fibre tight buffered 2mm diameter FRHF material. Boot enables proper compliance of the bend radius requirements keeping minimal stress on the fibre as the cord is subjected to perpendicular forces. This connector interface is guaranteed to perform to 1000 mateing’s given proper attention is paid to the cleanliness of the connector interface at all times.

The end profile of the connector is conical with a convex polish, this allows ease of cleaning with simple cleaning tools. It is mandatory to view the connector interface once cleaning operations have been applied however all products delivered to customers comply with IEC 61300 -3-35 directives for cleanliness.

This patented RFID enabled cord allows the ability to read and write relevant network information. This feature allows the removal of the printed identification tags that are generally deployed in carrier networks in addition to the location of the B end and many other features.


Body/Dust Caps
50 grams typical dependant on cable length

Optical Connector Assemblies

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Product Details

Optical Fibre Connectors: 

  • Single fibre core aligned products
  • Single fibre monoblock products
  • Multiport connectors 8,12 &24
  • Multi-Fibre breakout cords 3-24F

Core aligned Products:

  • SC, SC/APC , LC , E-2000, FC/APC

Monoblock Products:

  • SC , SC/APC, LC , FC, FC/APC


  • Low Loss meet IEC Grade A standards
  • Low loss Meet Telstra Grade A standards
  • Telstra approved products
  • Bend insensitive FRH ROHS sheath material
  • Diameter 1.6mm or 3.0mm available
  • RFID enabled for network digitization
  • Fast delivery
  • All attenuators meet Telstra specification limits and high power requirements
  • LC short boots available
  • 1000 mating cycle
  • Multifibre MTP 12 and 24 core connectivity with Pull tab and Elite performance


IEC 61753-1 Grade A Not ratified

IEC61300-3-35 End face inspection performance

Telstra 1557 Part 2 Issue 6

Telcordia 326 Issue 4